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Values, Vision and Mission

Purpose of New Points Church

The Purpose of New Points Church is to lead people to KNOW Jesus; to GROW together in our knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ, and then GO share that love of God with others.

New Points Values


  1. Prayer:  We make prayer a vital part of our individual and corporate relationship with the Lord and other believers. When man works, man works but when man prays God moves!!!


  1. People: Lost people matter to God, so they should matter to us. We invest in the lives of others by promoting other-centeredness. We share in each other’s burdens, the burdens of our community and rejoice in each other’s victories. We consider others more important than ourselves.


  1. Ongoing Growth: We need to not just maintain but multiply. Equipping every believer for life and ministry. Multiplying and releasing people to serve in the power of the Spirit.


  1. Taking Action: We desire to be contributors and not consumers. We need to proactive not reactive. We value finding innovative and creative ways to reach out to our community.


  1. Promoting Unity: We want to be known for what we are for and not what we are against. We believe Godly unity is marked humility and a self-sacrificing spirit.


  1. Being Multi-Generational: We believe the modern can co-exist with the sacred.  We value honoring God together through worshipping, serving, discipleship and reaching our community. 


  1. Faith in Jesus Christ: We desire to be a Christ-Center Church that believes and teaches God's Word, promotes holiness living and follow the Bible as our sole authority for what we believe and how we live.


New Points Church Vision

Know, Grow, Go is our vision for New Points Church


We want to help people KNOW Jesus, GROW in Jesus together and then GO into all the world with Jesus.



  • Make Disciples and Baptizing Them: Our goal is that our church will be a lighthouse to the Southgate and downriver community. That People will encounter Jesus Christ and Know Him.


  • Relationships and Atmosphere: Create an appealing environment through relationships and atmosphere, where people of all ages and backgrounds feel welcomed, loved, valued and can connect.


  • Worship and Prayer: Create a place where people can encounter God in deep and personal ways through worship and prayer.


  • Discipleship: We want to nurture people to grow in Christlikeness through an effective discipleship plan that addresses the 5 stages of discipleship: DEAD, INFANT, CHILDREN, YOUNG ADULT AND PARENT


  • Training and Mentoring: We want to be equipping and empowering people through leadership training, one on one mentoring, evangelism training and connecting them to Next Points groups.


  • Serving: Help people discover their spiritual gifts and link them to ministry so they can serve on mission in our church and community.



  • Presence: We want our presence to be known in the community by reaching beyond our walls and be a blessing to our community. We want to be connecting with community leaderships and groups. Find ways we can partner with them to meet the needs of our community.


  • Evangelism: To help our people be able to share their faith and be on mission to reach lost people.  This will be done by evangelism training and hosting “Be on Mission days”. 


  •  MultiplyingWe want to always be about multiplying ourselves. We need to be willing to multiply and release people to serve to